Catch up with Max: 'Hope to win many more Grands Prix'

Published on 22 December 2020 by Kees-Jan Koster

Max Vertappen flew on Monday to Austria, together with Dr. Helmut Marko representing Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, he was in the programme Sport & Talk from ServusTV. In the broadcast from Hangar-7 some nice topics were discussed, including Sergio Perez, who will be joining Red Bull for 2021.

“I was informed about that, but of course it was not my decision to make. I think this choice is the best for the whole team”, says Max. “I have a good relationship with Sergio, he is very relaxed. And he is fast, which is what we need as a team. He performed well this year. Hopefully next year we can compete against the two cars in front.”

Alex Albon will have to settle in 2021 for the role of test and reserve driver for Red Bull. Max says: “It is too bad because I like Alex. We know each other a long time. He is fast but had a difficult year. He is still with Red Bull and hopefully gets another opportunity after 2021.”

In Abu Dhabi Max started from pole and took the win unthreatened. The Dutchman could not have wished for a better way to end 2020. “It was a great weekend. Prior to the weekend I thought we had a good chance, but I did not expect that we were so dominant. It is always great to win a race, especially like this. It was great for the whole team, we are very motivated for next year.”

There are now ten wins on Max’ scoreboard. But according to Max there are more to come: “I just started, and I hope to win many more Grands Prix. It is not bad, but it can always be better. In Abu Dhabi I felt we had a good car, but in Formula 1 you always have to continue to develop and that is what we are working on every day.”

Max was 17 years old when he debuted in Formula 1, now 23 years old he finished already six seasons. Max has developed of course through the years. “Yes, I think I had the speed already from the first year, but I have made big steps in experience. How to build up for a race weekend, when to go for the limits and when to back off, everything goes a bit easier now than in the first year.”

Your dad Jos is a bit less around on the circuits than a couple of years ago. Max: “Yes, but I still speak to him every day, also during a Grand Prix weekend. This year, with corona, he had no business on the circuit, as there was nothing for him to do. But still we kept each other in the loop.”

Asked about Dr. Helmut Marko, who entertained an outspoken opinion about Max in the series “Max Verstappen: Whatever it Takes”, the Dutchman says: “I have a good relationship with Helmut. He is always honest and open. He is a bit like a second dad for me. I have had a similar experience with my dad, in the time before Formula 1. But from my time with Red Bull my dad has taken a step back and Helmut stepped in a bit.”

Both gentlemen have a world championship as goal. Max: “That is what we work hard for, with the whole team. I still have a lot of time, but I hope we will have a chance next year to take the title.”