Max after first day at Silverstone: 'There is progress'

Published on 31 July 2020 by Stefan Meens

After the first two practice sessions of the British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen reflected on his Friday with Ziggo Sport’s Olav Mol for the Formula 1 Café broadcast.

Asked about the spectator-less atmosphere at Silverstone, a venue normally swamped with fans, Max said: “It feels like a private test session. It’s sad to not have fans here, but we have to be thankful we’re even able to drive.”

At the start of FP1, Max struggled with his RB16’s headrest. “Alex uses the same one. The team have a tried it a few times with me, but I just cannot drive with it. I always lean a lot in the corners, that’s just my driving style. I cannot lean my head inward with this headrest; it feels like I’m stuck.”  

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing have brought several new components to the first four races of the 2020 season. “There is progress, but it’s not yet how I want it. Especially in the slow corners we’re falling short. Friday was very hot and the wind wasn’t ideal. On Saturday things will change completely with the temperatures dropping and wind direction changing. These cars are so wind sensitive and the wind direction can make a huge difference.”

“I would love to see the temperatures high for the rest of the weekend; the Mercs are a bit slower because they cannot use as much power in the heat. We’ll see what happens.”

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