Red Bull with updates to Silverstone. Max: 'Need to wait and see the progress'

Published on 30 July 2020 by Mike Motilall

After the first three Grands Prix, it’s evidently that Mercedes is the team to beat. In the hope to take the battle to the German team, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing have brought along updates for the RB16 to Great Britain.

Mainly during qualifying in Hungary, Red Bull was still lacking a bit. Max: “We need to wait and see how much progress we have made since Hungary. But it’s not something that we can solve from one week to another. Of course Mercedes is the dominant team. How big our gap will be, is difficult to say in advance. It can be from two tenths to a whole second... I hope to be within half a second, that would be good.”

Father Jos Verstappen has had 106 Grands Prix starts. A milestone that Max will equal this weekend on Silverstone, but the Dutchman is not really dwelling on that: “I think my dad really doesn’t care and I also don’t care”, says Max with a big laugh.

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