Max Verstappen on 'longest break since karting'

Published on 19 June 2020 by Bryan van Berlo

Back in February, Max Verstappen was pumped to get the 2020 season underway, testing had gone well and he was pleased with the RB16, but then the world changed and lockdown life began.

So, after three months of being at home what has Max been up to and how’s he been keeping himself occupied? “This is the longest break I’ve had from racing since I started karting, so it’s strange, but I’m trying to make the best of the situation and I’m luckier than many people who are struggling at the moment,” said Max on the website of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

It’s no secret that when Max isn’t racing, he’s racing. By that we mean that when he’s not on the track in person, he’s on the simulator racing with his friends and competitors online. Max: “At the start of lockdown I was online every day and I had a lot of races, so I had to practice. I’m also trying to get my rating up so I can race in a higher tier. I have to put the hours in to be competitive – even to maybe get a top 20 finish. That’s how competitive it is.”

With the season now just two weeks away, Max has turned his full attention to his fitness regime and ensuring he is race ready. Max: “They were very strict in Monaco on how long you were allowed to be outside for at the start of lockdown, so I had all my exercise stuff at home – and with my trainer now here with me – it’s working really well."

"I’ve got rowing and skiing machines and I’ve also got my Wattbike, bands and weights at home. I installed the bike in the living room so I have the TV on and it kills an hour – I’d say I’ve nearly finished Netflix,” explained Max. “It’s good now that I can get out on the bike or go for a run to mix up the training and I’m feeling good.”