Max talking to Coulthard: 'Simracing the best way of staying sharp'

Published on 13 May 2020 by Mike Motilall

Max Verstappen, together with David Coulthard, were both invited on Puma’s Instagram channel; they supply Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s team wear. The conversation between the Scott and the Dutchman quickly turns to the colour orange. “When I was young, blue was my favourite colour, but orange is a really great colour: you see my fans in it, it is noticeable and it’s the Dutch national colour. That’s why it’s cool to drive sometimes with an orange helmet. To do that a whole year wouldn’t be my thing, it could become too much, but on special occasions it’s super.”  

Even Max has been at home in his apartment in Monaco for a couple of weeks now. When asked by Coulthard if he finds that hard, Max replies: “I like to be at home. During the season when we are in Monaco, I like to spend time in my own apartment. It’s nice and quiet. But the past few weeks were sometimes a bit boring. I spent my time simracing and most probably have seen half of Netflix”, says Max with a smile. “We are allowed to go back outside in Monaco again, so that’s pretty nice. But up until last week, I had to do all my training at home.”

In this period, athletes need to watch their weight extra carefully, Coulthard remarks. “I weigh myself every day. I gain weight pretty easily when I eat or drink the wrong things, says Max. “So I need to pay attention. But the most important thing is to be prepared when we are ready to get back racing. I have a home trainer, so I can cycle at home. I also have a rowing machine. Running at home is of course not possible, but I am well capable of training here with weights and rubber fitness bands. My goal has always been that when I drive a car to its limits, I should never be physically constraint.”

It looks that the Red Bull Ring in Austria will be the first Grand Prix of the season. Max:”There you need something more than being able to just drive the car well. That’s why you need to be physically ready and also mentally fit. Apart from training I also spent a great deal of time in my simulator.”

Max explains how the virtual world helps him: “You are qualifying with the pressure that comes with it, you are practicing starts and overtaking competitors. You are trying to make it through a first lap unscathed and are doing pit stops. You have all those things as well when you are racing for real and I think simracing is the best way of staying sharp.”

You need to be patient, says Coulthard. “Yes, we’ll get back racing for sure, but now we cannot do anything else than wait. We cannot change the situation that we are currently in. We need to accept it and make the best of it. As soon as it is possible we will pick up where we left off, but of course also as safely as possible”, says Max in conclusion.