Max visits in Barcelona: 'A good feeling'

Published on 20 February 2020 by Kees-Jan Koster

Max Verstappen took some time on Wednesday afternoon during the break to visit, the pan-European marketplace for quality used cars, who have an international event in Barcelona.

Staff from the 23 countries where is operating, heard Jan Wouter Kleinjan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of, interview Max about his experience in the RB16, the new 2020 car from Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

“I am happy in general”, says Max after the first morning of testing in Barcelona. “The nose of the RB16 is a lot smaller in comparison with last year, to improve the airflow underneath the car. That is, in my opinion, a good step forward.”

Max continues: “We have tried to improve the weaker parts from last year and from what I have experienced up till now in the new car, it has been a big improvement. The fast corners at Barcelona are now easily done at full speed. That gives me a good feeling.”

When asked a question by one of the attendees about the plan for the test day, Max answers: “We have a whole schedule for these test days. At eight o’clock in the morning we have the first meeting, at which we will discuss what we are going to test that day. Before I drive out of the pit box, I am told what we are going to do. That can also incorporate a test start at the end of the pitlane. Depending on what we are testing, I drive a certain number of laps”, concludes Max for the international community of