Max reveals his 2020 helmet: 'A fresher look'

Published on 11 February 2020 by Niels Hendrix

Max Verstappen has revealed his 2020 helmet, that he will be using during the coming Formula 1 season, kicking off with the off season testing in Barcelona, Wednesday 19 February. 

Max walks us through his new helmet: “The most important change on my new helmet is that my new partner is on it. I didn’t want to change my helmet too much, because I really like the white background. I opted for a bit more white and gold, also on the top of the helmet. The lion is the opposite compared to last year: it was red with a shade of gold and this year it’s gold with a shade of red. Also on the back of the helmet the details are in gold. I haven’t made too many changes, but it has a fresher look. Especially with the halo on top of the car, this helmet will stand out a bit more. I’m happy with it!”