Max looking forward to 2020: 'We are on the right track'

Published on 07 February 2020 by Mike Motilall

The Winter break is over and after a quiet December, Max Verstappen has been busy training since January to get physically in shape for the coming Formula 1-season. “During my off time I didn’t want to travel a lot, so most of the time I stayed at home. After about three weeks I started training again and also had some scheduled appointments. It was very pleasant having a few weeks off, but after that I wanted to get back at it again.”

Looking back on 2019, Max says: “I do briefly look back, but not for too long. It was a good year, during which we made some progress. I see that as a natural process, because you get more experienced. 2019 was positive, but now we want to make the next step.”

Asked about his expectations for 2020, Max said the following: “As a team we want to be able to fight for the title. We want to do well. Time will tell, because at this moment it is very difficult to say where we stand compared to the competition. But of course we are doing everything to take that step forward. We are on the right track.”

“I always want to keep improving myself”, Max continues. “It is never 100% perfect. You will never have a season that is completely perfect, but you try to get as close as possible. We will do our best to be better in 2020. We want to be able to fight for the title. I hope that we can go for a podium every race this year. Hopefully things will get excited on track. I am up for it and looking forward to it!”