Pirelli announces tyre choices German Grand Prix

Published on 17 July 2019 by Mike Motilall

Pirelli, Formula-1’s sole tyre supplier, has announced the tyre choices the respective teams have made for the German Grand Prix. During the race weekend at Hockenheimring, the teams have at their disposal the C2-, C3- and C4-tyres, marked respectively white, yellow and red.

Renault and Toro Rosso have gone for the most aggressive approach by having selected ten sets of the softs. Mercedes, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Racing Point have opted for only eight sets of the softest compound. Carlos Sainz has also gone for the same strategy. Striking is that, apart from Red Bull Racing and Racing Point, within the teams themselves all the drivers have gone for a different tyre selection. Mercedes running Lewis Hamilton e.g. has selected an extra set of the medium compound while team mate Valtteri Bottas has opted for an additional set of the hards.

Tyre selection 2019 German Grand Prix: