Pirelli announces tyre choices French Grand Prix

Published on 11 June 2019 by Mike Motilall

Pirelli, Formula 1’s sole tyre supplier, has announced the tyre choices the respective Formula 1-teams have made for the French GP. Over the entire race weekend, on Paul Ricard, the teams have the C2, C3 and C4 at their disposal. The C2 (the hardest compound) is recognizable by the white stripes, while the C3 (medium) and C4 (soft) are respectively yellow and red striped.

Looking at the list of the tyre selection, it is remarkable that the three top teams, have practically made the same selection of tyres. Mercedes, Ferrari and Pierre Gasly have all selected nine sets of the softs and three medium sets. Max Verstappen is a bit more reserved with just only eight sets of the softs and four of the mediums.

Renault, Haas, Alfa Romeo and Toro Rosso are all on the attack with no less than ten sets of the softs.

Tyre selection 2019 French Grand Prix: