Max after Spain: 'I always want to win, but that is not achievable now'

Published on 13 May 2019 by Kees-Jan Koster

Last weekend Max Verstappen took his second podium of the season by finishing third in the Spanish Grand Prix. Through a Skype interview in Ziggo Sport’s programme Peptalk Max looks back at his performance on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

To the question if third place was the optimum result, Max answers: “At the moment it is. Qualifying was quite good, we were close behind Ferrari. Mercedes was way too quick, but generally we could be quite satisfied. Of course, personally I always want to win and finish first, but that is not achievable now. In the end we were on the podium after the race, so that is fine.”

Subsequently they look back at what happened in the first lap, in which Max made his way up to P3: “The start was quite good”, says the Dutchman. “In front of me three cars went together into the turn. I thought, ‘let’s wait and see what happens’. After that I was stuck for a little while, but I ended up in a good position out of the corner and could take the outside of turn three. Sebastian Vettel found himself in the dirty air of Valtteri Bottas and lost a lot of downforce. I passed both cars on the outside, so I was able to take my own line. Because of this I ended up on the podium.”

Next weekend are the Jumbo Racedays on Circuit Zandvoort on the schedule. Max looks forward to entertain the numerous Dutch fans with some spectacular demos in the Red Bull Racing RB8 with a roaring V8 engine: “I am going to give a nice show with a great sound, lots of donuts and smoke. I am looking forward to it.”

About the circuit in the dunes, that according to the rumours will be on next year’s Formula 1 calendar, Max says the following: “The circuit is very challenging. It really is an ‘old-school’ circuit like Suzuka. You cannot make many mistakes, because than you end up in the barriers, but at the moment you cannot overtake.”

Finally they look forward to the Monaco Grand Prix. Is Red Bull Racing the favourite to win in the principality? “Personally I do not think so”, says Max. “If you look at the last sector in Barcelona, then Mercedes is really very quick, so they will go there as favourites.”