Max Verstappen: 'I'm not here to be second, third or fourth'

Published on 15 March 2019 by Stefan Meens

The first free practice sessions of the Australian Grand Prix are done and the signs for Max Verstappen look promising. For software company Exact, Max’ personal sponsor, it is the perfect moment to share a video that gives an insight into the mind of the Dutch racing hero.

Beating the young guns
“I think it’s really important to keep learning”, says Max in the video. “Younger men are starting to race in Formula 1 as well. You have to keep improving yourself to keep up with them. I’m not here to be second, third or fourth.”

The role of data
Verstappen sets the bar high. If he wins a race or gets on to the podium, there is a bright smile, but he knows there is always room for improvement. That requires a lot of hard work and constant progress, together with his team. Max’ talent and feel for the car are the basis, but the analysis of the data produced by the sensors on his car make a huge difference towards reaching the top step of the podium.

The partnership with Exact
What makes the collaboration with Exact even more special is the cross-generational partnership of the software company and the Verstappen Family; Exact was already connected to Max’ dad, Formula 1 driver Jos Verstappen, in 1996. Max is excited about the collaboration: “I think we both always strive for better and more. We both set high goals. That’s what makes it a good match; It’s really beautiful.”

Qualifying for the Austrialian Grand Prix takes place on Saturday 16 March at the Albert Park Street Circuit in Melbourne. Check the video of Max in the run up to the race.