Verstappen and Gasly give a Red Bull showrun in Tokyo: 'Passionate fans'

Published on 09 March 2019 by Niels Hendrix

With the start of the season just a week away, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing took a ‘small’ detour on the way to Melbourne to light up Tokyo with a showrun in the home of our new power unit partner, Honda.

The show car team cranked up the anticipation by setting up a special 400m track in the beautiful parkland of Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Avenue. Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly got stuck in, blasting two RB7s through the streets of Tokyo in front of some 10,000 fans, for our first show car event in Japan since 2011.

Fans were treated to a stunning display of F1 power, with the Bulls putting in multiple runs of the track that inevitably resulted in a series of wild donuts and burnouts at either end of the course.

“It’s the first time I’ve done a showrun here in Tokyo, and it was great”, said Max afterwards. “The course wasn’t that long, but it was still fantastic because there were so many fans here and we could do a few donuts too. The support here is generally crazy and now with the combination of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Honda together, it’s just amazing. To see that many fans rocking up for a showrun is great and in Suzuka later this year, the support should be incredible.”

With the tyre smoke still clearing in Tokyo, Red Bull Racing now heads straight to Melbourne to begin preparations for next week’s season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

Max concluded: “Australia’s a great place to start the season. It’s an amazing country and everybody’s excited to get the season started because nobody really knows where they are in terms of the pecking order, so I’m looking forward to finding out and Australia’s a great place to do that.”

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