Max wants to overtake: 'I try to be in a position to grab my chances'

Published on 26 August 2018 by Mike Motilall

Looking back at qualifying in Belgium, Max explains to how it came that both Aston Martin Red Bull Racing-cars were in the pits in the final minutes. “We didn’t have enough fuel in the car, so we had to come in. Unfortunately there was also not enough time to refuel.” Max says it was just bad luck: “We had expected that the rain would intensify, that’s why we wanted to get back on track as fast as possible in Q3 to get a time on the clock. At that moment, it was the right call, it’s only a pity it stopped raining.”

In Hungary Max had a problem with the car resulting in not being able to find the desired speed. That’s behind of us now, says the Dutchman: “Today all went fine. The car felt good in the rain, just like it normally does”

Starting from seventh, Max has his work cut out for him. “We have a reasonable top speed, but not enough to take it to Mercedes and Ferrari. I will need to overtake some, definitely the Haas and Force India’s. Of course, they will be quick on the straight, but we have set the car up to be able to overtake.”

Is there a chance for a podium? Max replies: “Then something ahead of us needs to happen, because Mercedes and Ferrari are too quick in front of us. Of course, I am going to try to be in a position that, should anything happen, I can grab my chances.”

There is a valid explanation why around the track there is less orange compared to last year, according to Max. “Obviously it’s colder than last year, it was very warm then. So you cannot walk around without a coat in just an orange t-shirt. There are still a lot of Dutch fans though, absolutely.”

Does that do something to you? “It is super to get that much support. But it doesn’t mean that that puts me under pressure. I always try to give it my best on track and that’s seemingly appreciated. That’s great! Hopefully I have a good race, for all my fans also.”

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