3rd DRS zone Silverstone

Published on 03 July 2018 by Niels Hendrix

At Silverstone, the location for the British Grand Prix this weekend, the FIA ​​said it will add a third DRS zone to encourage overtaking. This third DRS zone surprisingly runs through the first corner combination. From start-finish, the fast bends of Abbey and Farm can be taken with open DRS if on full throttle.

It is the first time that a DRS zone leads through a corner combination. Formula 1 race leader Charlie Whiting explains: "It is not a very long zone, but the interesting thing about the third DRS zone is that the drivers can opt to drive through the first corners with open rear wing. After the last turn, the DRS can be activated and the wing will only close when the driver brakes or goes off the gas, so the first two curves can be driven with open DRS."

In addition to the new DRS zone, the two existing DRS zones will remain. These are located on the Wellington Straight and the Hangar Straight.