Jos: “Max is put through his paces”

Published on 17 January 2017 by Mike Motilall

It’s been almost two weeks since the start of the new year, but this has meant only one thing for Max Verstappen: training. Regarding the new rules in Formula 1, Max is preparing himself quite intensively for the 2017 campaign. Every single F1-driver needs to be even fitter than before. Due to the broader Pirelli-tyres and major aerodynamic changes, the cars are likely to gain some four seconds per lap. Because of the increased G-force, the cars will be physically more demanding to be driven.

Under strict supervision of his personal trainer, Max is completing an intensive training schedule in Monaco, his place of residence these days. “Max is put quite severely through his paces in the gym, so in the evening he lies completely broken on the couch. That is good. He doesn’t have much more to say then”, says Jos in Peptalk on Ziggo Sport Totaal. “He is momentarily quite at it and is very enthusiastic as well. To what I am hearing to and fro, Red Bull Racing has some high expectations.”

For years, father and son Verstappen travelled the world over to all the karting circuits. That intensive support continued on into Formula 3 as well, but since Max’ debut in Formula 1, Jos’ role has changed gradually and he is more to be found in the background. Jos is quite honest when asked whether he misses Max or not.

“Yes”, says Jos. “I talked about it with my daughter. It is strange without Max around, I absolutely miss him. Victoria has the same as well. But he has his own life in Monaco. He is training very hard and I am also very busy over here.” Still, Jos can cope with it all. “I am not troubled by it because I know that he is in capable hands at Red Bull Racing. Everything is well organized there, they really don’t need me around. It is also quite nice, I am more relaxed now. Of course, I keep a watchful eye on things, but no more than that.”